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Former PhD Students

Former Postdocs

Former Research Assistant Professors

Former MSc Students, Interns, Visiting and Undergraduate Students

  • Jeremy Archer

  • Samir Khan (Statistics PhD Student, Standford University)

  • Owen Melia (PhD Student, UChicago)

  • Hussein Mozannar (PhD Student, Social & Engineering Systems and Statistcs, MIT)

  • Ayush Sekhari (Postdoctoral Associate, MIT)

  • Percy Liang (Associate Professor, Computer Science, Stanford)

  • Venkat Chandrasekaran (Professor, Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Caltech)

  • Yonatan Amit (Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, Cybereason)

  • Xueyuan Zhou (Portfolio Manager, Tower Research Capital)

  • Ohad Shamir (Professor, Computer Science and Applied Math, Weizmann Institute)

  • Jason Lee (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Princeton)

  • Sivan Sabato (Associate Professor, Computer Science, Ben Gurion University of the Negev)

  • Ali Jalali (Principal Applied Scientist, Amazon)

  • Martin Takáč (Associate Professor, MBZUAI)